Dear Circleway Camp Organizers and Networkers,
The current time and the challenges it brings are also exciting for our Circleway Network.
In our association team of CWN we are in good and active contact with each other, our structure is growing and the networking among each other more intensive. Through the association Circle Way Network Europe we have found a structure in which we can network our camps and the Circleway movement well. And because of the sometimes complex rules and regulations for events in Europe the association CWN offers a possibility for our camps to have a more stable base.
If you would like to support our work and maybe don’t have the time or energy to work in the team, we would be happy about your support contribution. This can be a monthly donation of 10 Euro, or simply an annual donation. Please write us your name, address, tel. and the monthly or annual donation!
Account details:
Raiffeisenbank Eberstallzell
Upper Austria Circle Way Network Europe
IBAN AT08 3477 0000 0192 8126
What will the money from the association be used for?
Send us the latest information about upcoming camps and circles in your country if you would like to share them. Then we can put them online. For club members this service is free of charge, if you are not a member of the club we ask you for a donation. In Austria we handle the club membership through the camp fees. With 40 Euro per family (30 Euro single person) you are a member of the CWN for 1 year. After 1 year the membership expires automatically.
If you become a member of the association you support with your contribution the spreading of the Circle Way through the Circle Way Camps, Circles and Workshops as well as the networking of Circle Way projects in Europe. With your annual contribution you are a member of the association for 1 year, the membership expires
automatically. Our vision is to strengthen the connection between people and our connection to nature. With your financial contribution you support people to live a more peaceful and connected life and contribute in many ways to make life on Mother Earth more liveable and beautiful for all living beings. As with many associations, Circle Way Network Europe also lives from the many people who volunteer for the association.
Many thanks to all of you who give your time and yourselves to make the projects and camps of the association a more connected experience for all! We hope that the goal of the association is clearer to you! Thank you for your work, Simon, Ellika, Johanna and the network team.